How can i change my ip address

01/08/2016 20:25

Probably you are looking for how to change your internet/public ip address.

The Internet IP Address is assigned by your internet service provider and in most cases it change each time your Cable/DSL modem establish a new connection, this is what we call dynamic IP Address.

The easiest way to change a dynamic IP Address is to turn off your modem/router and turn it back on after some hours, when the modem restart it will ask from your isp’s DHCP Server for an IP address, in most cases the IP Address that will be assigned to your modem/router will be different from the last one. The time you must wait before power on back again your device is not specific and depends on provider's dhcp server settings of  "ip lease time" which determines how long an ip address allocation will be valid.

If you not see your IP Address be changing when you restart your modem maybe you have a static IP Address you can contact your isp to confirm it, in this case there is no way to change this because your account is associated with the specific IP Address.