How to hide your IP Address

06/09/2016 20:14

 How do I hide my IP address?

A common question is how to hide your ip address when you surfing the internet. Ip address can be used to determine information such as your country, your city, the ISP which providing you with internet and much more. So sometimes maybe it is better to keep your anonymity and surf the internet safely. The most common solution are the proxy servers which act as intermediaries between user's browser and the server who serving the webpage.

There is some different type of proxy servers like the following:

Transparent proxy server - This is the definition of proxy server, it provides low level anonymity as it changes the IP Address that the http request is coming from but it is still available on http headers. The main usage of this type is to cache pages in order to reduce internet bandwidth but it is also a good solution to bypass a firewall which is blocking your IP Address. Transparent proxies are identifiable and they can be blocked.

Anonymous Proxy server - This is similar with transparent proxy but it also hides your IP address from http headers.  It does not provide any caching feature as its main scope is to provide anonymous web browsing. This proxy is also identifiable and can be easily blocked. This type is the most popular for anonymous and private web browsing.

High anonymity Proxy server - This is the best choice to hide your IP Address and surf the internet anonymously, this type hides your IP Address from both the incoming request and the http headers. It is not identifiable and can be used on most situations.

All above types of proxy servers can hide your public IP Address only when you are surfing the web, they not protect you on any other type of internet traffic, like p2p, IRC, etc. They protect you only when you are using the web browser which is configured to use a proxy server. In any other case if you want to hide your IP Address you must use a VPN Server.