06/09/2016 20:14

How to hide your IP Address

 How do I hide my IP address? A common question is how to hide your ip address when you surfing the internet. Ip address can be used to determine information such as your country, your city, the ISP which providing you with internet and much more. So sometime ...

01/08/2016 20:25

How can i change my ip address

Probably you are looking for how to change your internet/public ip address. The Internet IP Address is assigned by your internet service provider and in most cases it change each time your Cable/DSL modem establish a new connection, this is what we call dynamic IP Address ...

18/02/2016 09:35

Choose Your Own DNS Service

Chances are you aren't aware that you can take steps to change how you connect to the Internet—without changing your Internet Service Provider. It has to do with deciding to switch the "DNS" service that you use to help you connect to the Internet. But why would anyone want to do this? Along the way, according to some, you might be able to boost performance and reliability and even add ...

07/09/2015 01:00

What is ping

Ping is one of the most useful tool for network Administrators, that is used to check if a host is reachable on an IP Network. Ping is a command line tool which is exists almost on any computer. It operates by sending ICMP ( Internet Control Message Protocol ) "echo request" packets to the target device and waits for ICMP response, if it received ICMP response packets then means that th ...

07/05/2015 00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IP Address? An IP Address; which stands for Internet Protocol, is a numerical value which allows your computers information to be found by other devices or websites. An IP Address is the identity of your computer and contains information such as your location, your internet service provider company and the browser and language you use on your computer. ...

06/05/2014 08:00

How to configure your browser to user a proxy server

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between user's browser and the web servers, in most cases they are used to keep us anonymous while we surf the internet by hiding our IP Address. To use a free Proxy server you must know the IP Address and port. In case it is not free you must have a valid username and password. So let’s say that you have a prox ...